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Young Achievement Sports Development (YASD)

"To transform communities through sport, by delivering effective mentorship and education to young people from impoverished backgrounds"

Value #1


We are passionate about developing young people. Young people are at the core of everything we do. Our passion and energy drive us to take iniatives to be to try new things to develop and build the capacity of young people from slum and marginilised communities.

Value #2

Developing Leaders

We believe young people have a leadership role. We value their role as tomorrows leaders hence we strive to give them a voice. We give young people the opportunity to succeed and to fail, generating leaders through experience. We are proud of our work and tell our story with conviction.

Value #3


We believe that one hand cant clap and a bird cant fly on one wing. We need others who have travelled the road in developing young people to help us as much as we help out others who come to us .We are connected with our partners, with each other and the community.

Young Achievement Sports Development (YASD)

Young Achievement Sports for Development (YASD)is a youth led community based organization that uses sport to transform communities.

YASD’s core objectives are to use sport as a mobilization tool to raise awareness on developmental issues.The organisation helps disadvantaged young people to attain an education or life skills. YASD’s intention is to develop role models and community leaders from the orphaned and vulnerable children, participating in its various programs.

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Our History

Young Achievement Sports for Development (YASD) was initiated by a group of young people living in an informal slum settlement that was borne out of continuous displacements and eviction of the residents. The community is Impoverished and lacks the basic social amenities for human habitation.

In 2005 the government of Zimbabwe carried out a clean-up operation targeted at destroying all slum settlements that had been established without the approval from the local authorities. The community was destroyed and most of the children who were supposed to be in school dropped out and they started roaming the streets. Being idle made them more vulnerable to a lot of risky behavior: drugs, crime, prostitution and early marriage.

YASD was initiated by young people who were living in destroyed slum community who started by got some footballs and got the young people to come together. This was done mainly to take young people away from other risky behavior as they would play and go home to rest afterwards. The “soccer games” where usually characterized by holding various discussion which shaped the programming of the organisation in later years. The initiators of these “soccer games” realised the need to do some remedial classes for those who still had an interest in education, this saw the group introducing a reading club were those who wanted to continue with school were assisted by those that had done better in school.

The impact of the “soccer games” and reading club are the core bedrock of the YASD programming. The realization that a group of young people could have such impact to transform a community culminated into the registration of the organisation in 2007.

What We Do

Education Assistance Program

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Educational Support Programme is an initiative established to assist in educating children and young people in slum / marginilised communities to have access to basic education through a scholarship the YASD coordinates. The scholarship has various levels of support towards the young people’s education depending on their age. For young people at the primary education level i.e. 6-12 year olds the scholarship support is in the form of school uniforms and school fees.

For the older young people i.e. 13-19 years old for secondary education the scholarship enrolls them into boarding schools where they have better educational facilities. To date the slum community where YASD was formed still does not have a formal School, hence these pupils as enrolled at local government schools which are approximately 6 kilometers in a neighboring community. YASD runs a reading club for young people who are out of school. The reading club concept which was the foundation of the Education Support Programme. Over and above the school children the reading club also assist young women in the community who have never had the opportunity to have an education to receive tutoring from young volunteers. The reading club provides remedial lessons during school holidays to the children under scholarship, the reading club is designed to encourage the senior children to assist the young ones through tutoring them.

Youth Support Services

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Youth Support Service Programme is the arm of YASD that offers psycho- social support on an individual basis as well as mould leaders from the broader population of young people. The Youth support service is centred on the premise that are significant contributors to development processes, resulting in public policy and practice that both supports and is accountable to young people.

YASD offers grooming lessons, and prepares young people for job interviews, and business etiquette which helps young people avoid negative influences by giving them practical examples of people who have made it in life coming from impoverished backgrounds. The programme equips young people with different life skills which enhance their employment opportunities so they can contribute to their household income and the economies of their communities.

Issues such as Sexual Reproductive Health are also mainstreamed in all the programming areas which has seen young people are making informed decisions and engaging in safe sexual and reproductive health practices that lead to healthy lives.

Sports Training Program

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YASD uses sports to impact the lives of youths from slum/informal communities ,were exposed to drug abuse, poverty,gangs and all other social ills .The sports programmes is beyond kicking a ball or shooting hoops ,its a program centred on involving young people to come up together and highlight specific causes of concern in their community which they discuss and proffer solutions to these issues. Each community YASD works in has its own unique challenges which range from teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and drug abuse.

The program takes a “we are in this together approach” as the coaches within the program are young people who train others, the coaches identified from those who have shown commitment and have exhibited leadership skills . This ensures that skills are transferred to another young person and in the absence of the coach they can easily oversee the training sessions.

Our Expertise

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Peer to Peer Education

All of our programmes are delivered through our youth-led peer to peer education model which enables the transfer of knowledge and skills to high numbers of young people. The peer educators are based in the communities and provide intensive support to other young people in various challenges they will be facing. This model has enabled each YASD peer educator to reach approximately 50 young people and, through our network of 15 to 20 peer educators, we typically reach around 750-1000 young people every year. The model enables us to reach various young people in the slum community which has a n approximate population of 7 000 families.

In addition to engaging and connecting youth, peer educators work closely with local leaders and duty bearers, YASD supports them to better reach young people through apacity training in conjunction with other youth led organisations. This increases the capacity of the peer educator, the acquired skills remain beyond the programme cycle. Therefore, a relatively short but intense period of investment through the peer education model can achieve long term impact.

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Youth Moblisation

YASD has a unique understanding of the challenges facing young people and how to best mobilise, engage and motivate them to lead change in their communities. The peer educator model can be used to engage and inform young people from a range of backgrounds and is particularly effective in linking the youth in the community to services.

It has been successfully adapted to meet the specific needs of disadvantaged groups including orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), people living with HIV, people with disabilities, people affected by conflict and young women

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Youth Engagement

We also work with a range of institutions and service-providers to promote effective youth engagement strategies. This includes health workers, National AIDS Council officials, teachers, religious leaders, and youth representatives of political parties. We have also worked with development agencies to develop youth programmes and policies as well as with private and public sector service-providers to reach young people more effectively. We understand that young people are a heterogenous group whose needs are different. Our programming is designed to meet the individuals need as well as the collective grouping

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Policy and Practice

YASD also achieves reach through efforts to influence the local policy debates which have a bearing on young people’s lives. Our focus is ensuring engagement with local duty bearers to influence policy, programming and resource allocations which better responds to youth concerns through bringing together young people and the local policy makers for dialogue. For example, the community we serve does not have a health facility and young people walk over 5 kilometres to access Sexual reproductive services such as contraceptives.

Moreover the staff at the health service centre are adults who were not in tune with the challenges facing young people in the community. With support from a youth network partner YASD engaged the local duty bearer to have a discussion with young

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